Guild Meeting on 2nd February 2009

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Guild Meeting on 2nd February 2009

Post  Zanick on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:11 pm

At the meeting were Ryleen, Gul'Zayne, Chabat, Skeen, Stargaazer and myself, along with three new members: a young warrior named Saltie, a scout called Morrhår and a priest named Sjōgräs.

Graanshakuun, an orc of the Warsong Blades came to our meeting with some startling news. He told us that Jimar is alive! He was found in Northrend, badly injured and with no memory of who he is, but nevertheless alive. Our happiness at hearing this news was short-lived, however. The Warsong orcs allowed Jimar to take an oath to serve with them. Because he failed to complete a task, Jimar now faces punishment with a lash.

We argued strongly that the orcs should not have accepted the oath of someone who had not fully recovered their memory. In any case, Jimar's oath of loyalty to the Heritage of Zandalar predates his oath to the Warsong Blades. Because he was never released from nor ever forswore his oath to Warlord Snicka and the guild, then he could not freely swear a new oath to the orcs. Our discussion with the orc became heated as Graanshakuun demanded to know more about us and our relationship with Jimar Zal'Zulu.

In the end, very little was resolved. Ryleen asked Graanshakuun to return to Jimar the bag of bones that she had been keeping safe. The orc told us that Jimar was being kept in the barracks at Kargathia Keep and he reminded us that Ashenvale is under martial law and no-one should venture there without permission. We decided, however, that there are a few things we can do to find out more about Jimar's current condition.

We discussed Lyranne's Bloodsister Ritual and a ceremony to help Ryleen find her patron loa. Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne will continue making the arrangements.

Ryleen reported that she has received a letter from her husband Gando. He is safe and well, and Ryleen's fingers are now almost completely healed.

I mentioned that, as agreed at our last meeting, I had sent a letter to the troll Trorner setting out the first of three tasks that he must complete to prove his worthiness to join our guild. Trorner sent me a letter back promising that he would complete the task. [see the thread "Trorner's Task" in the Secrets section]

After the meeting we met a young troll named Grorjin who was fishing in the waters of the Valley of Spirits. He is a Shatterspear troll who was sent from his secluded village to the Valley of Trials to learn the skills of a shaman. However, Grorjin's main interest is with fishing. After much encouragement, slowed by the fact that Grorjin speaks no orcish, he agreed to join us as an Outsider.

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