Guild Meeting on 29th December 2008

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Guild Meeting on 29th December 2008

Post  Zanick on Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:32 pm

At the meeting were Ryleen, Gando, Chabat, Gen'jin and myself.

Ryleen had invited Liontooth of the Greywolf Tribe to come to the meeting to keep us informed of recent developments. It seems that I am not being invited to meetings of the other guilds within the tentative 'Pact'. (Either they deliberately or mistakenly do not know that I have taken over the role of guild leader whilst Warlord Snicka is missing.)

Liontooth informed us that the Warsong Blades have already started helping the House of Sylvanas by conducting raids on Alliance settlements. One of the Blades, Cato, told Ryleen that their goals temporarily match those of the House of Sylvanas. The Blades do not condone the genocide that Archnazg seems intent upon, but neither will they interfere with the House's plans.

Bitterly opposed to this action, the Greywolf Tribe made a deal with the Warsong Blades. A duel is to be held to decide the matter. A champion from each group will fight in the traditional orc way: using axes, wearing only leather armour and using no magic. If the Greywolf champion, Liontooth's brother Garviel, wins then the Warsong Blades will stop their attacks. If the Warsong champion, the orc warrior Krusg, wins then the Greywolves must help the Blades in their attacks. The duel is to held tomorrow (two-day) evening at the Warsong Blades' base at Kargathia Keep in Ashenvale.

The Heritage of Zandalar has too few members to boldly take sides in this dispute. Both the orcs and the tauren are our comrades-in-arms and we share similar traditions and values. But the Greywolves have been this guild's most trusted friends for several years. After much discussion it was agreed that individual members should decide for themselves where they stand in this dispute. Several of us will attend the duel to witness what happens.

Ryleen brought other news from the guilds allied to ours (I will not mention the name of who passed on this news, just in case . . .) The person sent to steal a sample of the Blight has disappeared. Worryingly, the Forsaken agents of the Hand of Vengeance are storing the Blight all over Northrend. The House's sample is the same as the sample held by the Ashen Order, it seems. So there appears to be only one strain of the Blight. This means that, if an antidote can be formulated, it should work against the Blight everywhere.

Ryleen had yet more news for us:

Joanna, a Forsaken priest from the Ashen Order, has been executed for treason on the orders of her Guildmaster, Dr Alaster Grymm. No-one at our meeting knew anything of Joanna and no details of what she did to cause her execution are known to us.

Gorthark, a mighty orc shaman of the Bleeding Axe Clan, is dead. He went on a perilous mission into Icecrown three weeks ago from which no-one returned. We mourn the loss of a brave orc who was a friend of the Heritage of Zandalar.

Shadowtroll, the villainous pirate-captain of the Bloodsail Blackhands, has been brought back to life once more. The bracelet that held his captured spirit was taken from the Zandalari trolls on Yojamba Isle and somehow his crew have restored it to a body. Gando, Ryleen and Liontooh went for a 'talk' with him recently. Shadowtroll unfortunately escaped, but one of his ships was burned to ashes.

Finally, I had the sad duty of reporting that our Sin'dorei Emissary, Lyranne has left the guild. She was unhappy at not finding enough ways to contribute to the guild and so had decied to leave. Her loss was perhaps the most bitter news of all in a meeting that seemed to bring nothing but bad tidings.

Primal of the Guild

** UPDATE **
The duel between the champions of the Greywolf Tribe and the Warsong Blades took place on two-day evening. With Garviel arriving late, it was the tauren warrior Derndel who fought against the orc Krusg. The duel was well-fought, but Krusg won. With many of the House of Sylvanas lined up to watch, Archnazg gloated that the Greywolves would now have to fight with them. Speatus of the Warsong Blades stated, however, that no civilians would be harmed in the attacks. Also, the outcome of the duel only required that the Greywolves take part in the next attack on Southshore. The date for this attack has not yet been set.

With tempers running high, several orcs dishonourably called the Greywolves cowards, even though the duel had been honourably fought. This prompted both Garviel and his brother Liontooth to challenge the orcs. In the end, Krusg could not ignore Liontooth's bold challenge to a full duel, fighting by any means they had. The duel was fought, with Liontooth clearly getting the upper hand at the start, but in the end Krusg was victorious. However, Liontooth proved that the Greywolves are far from cowardly. Sadly, many of the orcs' lust for battle was not satisfied by this second duel. It was decided to launch an attack on the night elves at the nearby Silverwing Outpost as a way to diffuse tempers.

On another matter, I am happy to report that a couple of days after the guild meeting Lyranne had a change of heart and agreed to return to us as our Sin'dorei Emissary.

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Re: Guild Meeting on 29th December 2008

Post  Snicka on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:14 pm

Poor Joanna... I remember her, she often visited Snicka while he was in jail for the kidnapping case, and gave him good advice.

I'm curious how the Greywolf - Warsong conflict will end...

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Re: Guild Meeting on 29th December 2008

Post  shadowtroll on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:56 pm

Joanna is dead!? Sad

The only person which somehow liked Drarkan and now this! Sad

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Re: Guild Meeting on 29th December 2008

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