Guild Meeting on 15th December 2008

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Guild Meeting on 15th December 2008

Post  Zanick on Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:08 pm

At the meeting were Ryleen, Stargaazer, Chabat, Gando, Umagaur, Skeen, Gen'jin and myself.

First of all we all said congratulations to Ryleen and Gando on their wedding last sixth-day. It was a great success.

Ryleen then told us about two letters that she had. The first had been sent to her by Illidren, one of the officers of Shadowtroll's crew of pirates. In the letter, Illidren threatened to take revenge for Shadowtroll's death by attacking innocent Darkspears. He claimed to have killed one victim already and the letter was stained with blood. Ryleen decided to write to Illidren and arrange to meet him face to face in a neutral location.

The second letter came into Ryleen's hands from a goblin at one of the zeppelin towers. This letter is signed by Archnazg Magnark and seems to be instructions from him to unleash the new blight on a list of human settlements. Of course, the letter may not be genuine. Either way, it was agreed that it was not the Heritage's sole responsibility to deal with this. So it was decided that Ryleen will pass the information on to Gorthark of the Bleeding Axe Clan, Ishamuhale of the Greywolves, General Stormscream of the Ashen Order and Speatus of the Warsong Blades. We will offer to help with whatever action needs to be taken.

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