Wanted posters

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Wanted posters

Post  Ryleen on Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:13 pm

These wanted posters are showing up in most major horde towns as well as goblin controlled ones.

Neatly written on fine paper they say:

Wanted: The Bloodsail Blackhands.

This band of criminals are becoming a nuisance and people would like to see them dealt with.

They used to be lead by the troll calling himself "Shadowtroll", but in his recent absence the sin'dorei Illidren have stepped up to take his place.

Their main base of operations seem to be the goblin towns Booty Bay and Ratchet.

Should you find any one of them and deal with them; put proof of your deed in a package and adress it to Quel'Ash. Leave said package at the goblin run bank in Ratchet and a reward of fifty gold coins for each pirate will be sent to you.

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