Guild Meeting on 8th December 2008

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Guild Meeting on 8th December 2008

Post  Zanick on Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:18 pm

Present were Gen'jin, Umagaur, Djinja, Ryleen, Chabat, Lyranne and myself.

A funeral rite was held for Witch Doctor Jimar Zal'Zulu. We lit a ritual fire amongst the grave jars in the graveyard in Sen'jin village. I spoke a few words to remind us all about Jimar's time with the Heritage of Zandalar. We then offered a prayer to the Loa that Jimar would be taken safely to the Afterworld to take his rightful and honoured place amongst his ancestors.

Rokalm, the orc shaman, visited us again. He came to pay his last respects to Jimar, but also to tell his side of the story about the troubles we had with Shadowtroll.

He told us that his full name is Rokalm Grimtam of the Grimtam Tribe, a clan not known for it's good behaviour. Rokalm described his father as a thug and a scavenger. He went through some bad times that led to the death of his father and, like many others, he ended up in Orgrimmar as a refugee. There he entered the orc army as a scout. In the army, Rokalm came under the wing of a brutish officer who made sure that Rokalm stayed working for him. At this time Rokalm lied that he was an Officer of the Horde, when in truth he was only working for one.

In Shattrath City, Rokalm met a troll pirate beating his crew in an inn. This pirate, Shadowtroll, decided that Rokalm had the skills and wisdom as a voodoo master that he needed. So Shadowtroll talked Rokalm into becoming his friend and made sure to look after him. He then told the orc that some fierce trolls wanted to kill him.

It was then that Rokalm came to us, claiming to be an Officer of the Horde, given the task of keeping Shadowtroll away from us. This was all lies, but Shadowtroll soon started to act on his own without informing Rokalm. This was what happened on the day of our guild meeting in Camp Taurajo when Shadowtroll chanced to come along.

Rokalm originally believed that Shadowtroll was just a fun troll to be around and that the trouble he got into was not too serious. He now realises the truth about his former friend. He wants to defeat Shadowtroll's band of villainous pirates, the Bloodsail Blackhands. Rokalm claims that they have made pacts with several groups, some of them part of the Alliance! Apparently the Blackhands still hope that Shadowtroll will return. In the meantime, they have started up some kind of factory in Silvermoon City.

Whilst we are grateful for Rokalm coming to tell us his story, we are not yet ready to believe the truth of everything that he says or trust his motives. So, we need to keep a careful watch on what he does, and also be wary of the Bloodsail Blackhands.

We discussed how often our guild meetings are interrupted by unexpected visitors. It seems that many make no effort to contact us beforehand to give us fair warning, preferring just to arrive at our meeting, usually completely unannounced. To avoid this situation in future it was agreed that the guild meetings will take place in a different location each week, but each place will be close to Orgrimmar. The location will be announced using the Spirit Talk just before the meeting is due to take place.

Ryleen spoke to us about the plans for her wedding to Gando next six-day. Umagaur agreed to conduct the ritual and others volunteered to help direct the guests from Sen'jin (the assembly point) to the location of the wedding (which is to remain a secret until the day itself.)

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