Guild Meeting on 24th November 2008

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Guild Meeting on 24th November 2008

Post  Zanick on Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:56 pm

At the meeting were Garsarokk, Corigo, Gando, Geníjin and myself. We were later joined by Chabat and Ryleen.

Vypra came to our meeting to bring us important news of the Disaster at Wrathgate. It seems that the Forsaken had a traitor amongst them who made a new plague. This new disease works in seconds and kills almost everything that it comes into contact with. The one who created it has now been dealt with, we are told. But Vypra reported that Archnazg, the so-called Dark Lord of the House of Sylvanas claims to have a sample of this new plague. Vypra fears that Archnazg is becoming paranoid that Shadowtroll and his band of Bloodsail Blackhands are trying to kill him. This news does not bode well for any of us.

Once Vypra had left us, we heard on the Spirit-Link from Stargaazer. She had managed to knock Rezip out and escape from her captivity. Fortunately she was able to make her way to Lightís Hope Chapel, so now we knew where she was Ė deep in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Using a portal created by Ryleen we all travelled to the Undercity. From there we rode swiftly out of the city and then eastwards. We were soon joined by Voodoo master GulíZayne. Pausing only to deal with attacking beasts and to skirt around the scourge at Corinís Crossing, we reached the Chapel. Stargaazer was lying unconscious in a corner. With GulíZayneís aid Star was able to tell us what had happened and that Rezip was lying nearby.

Leaving a few to look after Star, the rest of us quickly rode north and discovered Rezipís body. No sooner had we stopped than a dark form appeared standing over Rezip. This deathly troll claimed that he had been possessing Rezipís body but now had no use for it. He threatened us, boasting of the power of the Lich King, but when we surrounded him he cast some kind of portal and escaped.

Using Ryleenís portals we brought first Rezip and later Star back to the safety of Orgrimmar. While GulíZayne stayed with Rezip in the Valley of Spirits, Star was soon strong enough to travel to Thunder Bluff to recuperate.

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