Guild Meeting on 17th November 2008

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Guild Meeting on 17th November 2008

Post  Zanick on Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:19 pm

At the meeting were Chabat, Corigo, Gen'jin, Gul'Zayne, Lyranne, Ryleen, Djinja and myself.

We were all glad to see Ryleen's return after an absence of several weeks while she immersed herself in her studies in Quel'thalas. She had been away so long that we had to tell her about Snicka's disappearance. There is still no news about the Warlord.

Since the last guild meeting many of the things that were foretold in Gen'jin's visions have happened. The Horde has now sent forces to the northern continent of Northrend and many of the members of our guild have now ventured there too. We thank Gen'jin for his timely warnings and his efforts to prepare us for the dangers we may face.

I reported that Rezip has been possessed by some evil spirit. After the meeting last week Rezip knocked Stargaazer out when they were in Thunder Bluff. The next thing that Star knew was when she awoke in some building from which she has not been able to escape. Using the spirit-talk, Star has been able to tell us that she is being held somewhere windy and colder than the Undercity but with the same unpleasant smell. The wooden shack she is trapped in is most probably old and built by human hands. Many of us suspect that Star may have been taken somewhere in Northrend.

So far we have been unable to find any way to work out where Star might be. It was decided that Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne will perform a ritual to try to find her. Meanwhile the rest of us will try to find Rezip and also keep our eyes open in any area that matches Star's description.

Corigo, who joined us as an Outsider a few weeks ago, has now proven himself worthy. He took the guild oath and was promoted to the rank of Kindred.

Ryleen then reported on her encounter with Shadowtroll. On the night before the meeting, she and Corigo met at the Crossroads in the Barrens. There they ran into Shadowtroll. Ryleen confronted the villain to try to bring an end to his crimes against us. Garsarokk arrived a while later, but so did most of Shadowtroll's pirate crew, meaning that the Heritage members were outnumbered two to one.

Ryleen challenged Shadowtroll to a duel which they fought just outside the western gate of the town. Ryleen won and, when his crew tried to intervene to take their injured captain away, Ryleen made a portal and dragged Shadowtroll through it. Since then some of Ryleen's friends have kept the criminal safely under guard.

Before Ryleen had finished her report, a blood elf walked into our meeting. He was later joined by a troll hunter (and his pet raptor) From the elf's words, it seems they are both members of Shadowtroll's crew, who call themselves the Bloodsail Blackhands. The elf made threats, demanding to know about the wounds that Ryleen had given his boss in the duel the day before. When Ryleen refused to answer his arrogant questions, he threatened to set 'The Mockers', a group of human assassins, on us. Since we were unimpressed by the elf's threats the pair left.

Shortly afterwards the orc Rokalm arrived. He knew nothing about the recent events involving Shadowtroll. Once informed, he seemed genuinely fearful of Ryleen's power (as he ought to!). Ryleen told us that she made a study of certain rituals and then used this knowledge to deal with Shadowtroll. His body is now virtually dead and his spirit is controlled by a magical item that Ryleen keeps safe. - To prevent such knowledge falling into the hands of our enemies, it seems prudent not to write here the nature of this magical item. - Ryleen has not yet decided on Shadowtroll's final fate.

All agreed that Ryleen has done us all a great service by ridding us once and for all of this dangerous criminal.

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