Stargaazer's Kidnapping.

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Stargaazer's Kidnapping.

Post  Gul'Zayne on Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:36 pm

*Gul'Zayne floats above the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff in his corporeal form. With some aid from Genjin, he has induced a vision, trying to find out exactly what happened to Stargaazer. Gul'Zayne peers towards fuzzy figures before him. Slowly they gain shape, and Gul'Zayne recognises them as Stargaazer and Rezip. There is a sound - they're speaking. Star is talking to Rezip about his cough, and Gul'Zayne notices that he is acting very odd. Stargaazer turns her back to Rezip, and he takes this opportunity to knock her out. He then takes out a bag, stuffs her inside it and carries her off to the flight master. Gul'Zayne follows him. Rezip catches the wind rider to Orgrimmar, from there he takes the zeppelin out of Durotar to Tirisfal. Throughout the journey, Gul'Zayne can't help but think Rezip is not himself. Once reaching Undercity, Rezip takes a bat and flies eastward. This is where the vision ends.
Gul'Zayne's spirit returns to his body. He stirrs, opens his eyes and looks around the tent on the Spirit Rise where he spent the night. The fire in front of him has long burned out, and Genjin appears to have left. Slowly, Gul'Zayne packs his things, while wondering if its safe to send a message to the rest of the Heritage through the Spirit Link. Gul'Zayne decides against it, if Rezip was in fact posessed, then there's no telling if any of the rest are. Once he finishes packing he solemnly makes the journey back to his home in Stranglethorn.*

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