From one Zandalari to another.....

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From one Zandalari to another.....

Post  Shijado on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:56 pm

My dear Brotha's and Sista's of the Zandalar Tribe, I come to you today a humble servant of Zandalar, as an ambassador to you from fellow Zandalari in an alternate universe.

My name is Shijado, a Priest of the forsaken. While my body now consists of only bones and rotting flesh, I was once a troll, and that spirit within me still remains to this day.

I am the leader of the Priory of Zandalar in the universal realm of Shadowsong. Like you, we also have a few, proud warriors who live, fight, and bleed in the name of Zandalar against her enemies and those of the Horde.

I am here today to humbly request that a dialogue be opened between your warriors and ours. I believe we can both benefit greatly from sharing our strategies and stories of our victory in battle. Together we can work to further the fight against the enemies of our land.

What say you?


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