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Yako was sitting on the bench just out of Silvermoon at the shepperd┤s gate,everythings looks quite and the sun was shining but the troll seems to be worried and nervous as something was troubleing him from inside.
The mage showed up at the gate , he was wearing a red robe and was carryng a stick ,also his hairs was red and his eyes was burning like green flames , he spokes :
"Hail troll , just let┤s us go trough this ... why do you require my assistance? " Anth˛r , this was the name of the mage , clearly didn┤t like this meeting , but he ┤s already accepted to see the troll , so now , was just trying to dismiss Yako as fast as he can ,before someone of his kind could have seen him in such a company....
Yako stand up from the bench ... he was sweat and smelly ... he licks his lips and start to talk :" ehhhr ... yay mon , or i meen mage , ther ┤s semtin ┤ yer wenna ask ya ... "
Anth˛r:"Speak troll , i m here to listen to you , but be short because my time is precious and i have already spent it enough.."
Yako :"YAY ... ye ll be fest ... ther ┤s a tauren ye need to tek care of ... "
Anth˛r :"what do you mean by sayng take care ?"
Yako :"Eliminate"
Yako now has lost all is previous embarace and is looking the mage straight in the eyes...Anth˛r looks astonished but he puts himself togheter and calmly reply to the troll : " What you seems to be looking for , troll , is the service of an assassin rogue ... i sure cannot help you whit that and my time for you is well as gone , so godday ..." and he makes for to turn and go back into the city...
Yako : " WAIT ... " he try to hold the mage from an arm ... and suddenlly the mage start to cast a fireball...
Yako : " calm down mage ... just frost yer nerves ... aint be needin┤ da ┤tauren to be ded ... just need him out of combat ... if yer know wet ye meen┤?"
Anth˛r put the fireball down and annoyed pay again attention to what the troll is tryng to say to him...
Yako : " if ye wenna him to be ded ... i ken do it whit me bow ... ya ┤mon ... he ┤s big tauren warrior ┤n if he gets too close .. he ┤ll be crushin ┤me forehead whit hiz hamma┤... but he won t ... cuz ... ya mage ... ar goin┤to help me to change him in ta somthin┤else ... samthin┤like a boar ..."Yako laughs and shows the mage a bag of gold...
Anth˛r seems to start to understand what Yako have in mind and answear : " Ah , so , a simple polimorph is what are we talking about here ... but why not a sheep ? That would be easyer ... don t you think so?
Yako : " Nahhh ... a sheep iz uzelez ... a boar me kan take fer Huntin┤ ... ┤n naahh just a polimorph as ye sayd ... yer askin┤fer a CURSE ... "
Now Yako┤s voice raise loud , his eyes are burning , and he ┤s spitting out saliva out of his mouth while he s screaming to the Silvermoon ┤s sky....
" He took me LOV ┤ away ... he steal me Thammy ... i wanna her back ... and he ┤s to pay ... i wanna him to be me slave
Now that everything seems to be clear to Anthˇr ... he start to smile at the troll ... try to make him calm down ... shut him up ... and invite him to the city to somewhere place more apartaid to discuss about details ... and of course to take away that bag of gold from the troll ... Evil or Very Mad


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