Airship Crash

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Airship Crash

Post  Snicka on Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:08 pm

The sun disappeared on the horizon of the Durotar sky on the West, behind Snicka. He was walking towards the Skytower. "Why does the council have to be in Undercity?" he thought. "When I arrive there, I'll suggest that it should be in Orgrimmar. Archnazg and his minions should try and move their bony ass out of that stinking city."

Navigator Fairweather was looking at the horizon on the East with his spyglass. He looked worried. "Cap'n! Cap'n!" he called out. "What is it, Fairweather?" asked Sky-Captain Cloudkicker. "It seems we're not gonna have a fair weather tonight, Cap'n. Extremely large storm clouds on the East." "Storm clouds, eh? Let's kick 'em! My name ain't Cloudkicker for nothing!" "Cap'n... I don't think it's a good idea..." Fairweather still wasn't convinced. "Listen up, Fairweather. Our customers have paid for tonight' journey, we cannot disappoint 'em. And if any trouble happens... don't forget the big insurance I put on the Thundercaller." "Oh, insurance... it's all right then, cap'n! Off we go!"

Fairweather was right. The storm was throwing the Thundercaller up and down as if it was a paper plane. Snicka felt his stomach turning upside down; he always hated to fly on these goblin machines. He looked at the other passengers around him, who weren't looking healthy either. One tauren was standing by the window and constantly puking. An undead was sitting in a corner, hugging his knees, shaking and constantly repeating "ghaargh, ghaaargh". He heard yells from above: "Hold on, ev'ryone! Fetch the ropes! We've faced storms bigger than this! Yooo-hooo!" This didn't make him feel more comfortable either.

"Bad news, Captain!" said Chief Officer Coppernut. "We cannot land in Brill for an hour!" "What?" "The construction crew has just arrived to the Skytower in Brill, and we cannot land until they establish their platform." "We're gonna stay up here then. We mus' fly above the clouds! Chief officer, go down there an' inform the passengers!"

The passengers were shocked by the news. "If we stay up here, we wil fall into eternal death soon!" a blood elf cried out. "Ghaaaargh!" the undead added. "How am I goin' to get to da Unda'city in time?" Snicka leapt on his feet. He run upstairs to the commander's bridge. That was the moment when he saw a lightning hitting the balloon of the airship. The balloon burst in flames. "Don't panic, we have insurance!" Sky-Captain Cloudkicker kept yelling to his crew, but this didn't seem to calm them down. The goblins began jumping out of the zeppelin, into the sea. Then, for a sudden, the flames on the balloon's canvas disappeared, just to be followed by a large explosion. The airship fell into small parts.

The last thing Snicka remembered was the fact he was flying in the mid-air, towards the sea...

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Re: Airship Crash

Post  Vypra on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:04 pm

Vypra walked into the Broken Keel, a bundle of mail under her arm. Sitting down, she discarded the flyers for the new hair salon and placed the bills for the rent and pest control to one side before taking a look at the latest edition of the Goblin Gazette.

She frowned slightly as she reached the bottom of the article ‘Ya know anytin ‘bout dis Wiley?’ she asked the goblin as she held the paper up for him to see.

‘It’s a disgrace I say!’ he piped indignantly ‘my cousin’s sister’s neighbour had a tender in for that pub and they gave it that forsaken!’

The troll gave an impatient sigh ‘No’ dat mon…dis airship crash? It be true? I know dere been some flight delayed over da las’ few days…’

She blinked as the little innkeeper wrenched the paper out of her hands and watched him march off, muttering to himself ‘…Vicious rumours…can’t prove a thing… Hope this won’t affect my shares…’

(( *hugs Snicka* HoZ won' be the same without you.

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