Guild meeting on 11th August

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Guild meeting on 11th August

Post  Zanick on Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:42 pm

This was one of our most well-attended meetings, and possibly our busiest too.

Those present (in no particular order) were Gul'zayne, Nenya, Ryleen, Gando, Chabat, Stargaazer, Djinja, Kemsha, myself and later Deyyania. Ashya, a former member, also joined us (and was warmly welcomed).

Also present was Gorico, a young Darkspear hunter who grew up in Sen'jin. Gorico had sent a letter to Snicka and so I arranged to meet him in Orgrimmar on the day before the meeting. After our discussion he spoke the oath and joined our guild as a whelp. It turned out that he was able to attend the moon-day meeting after all, and so he was introduced to all of the members present.

Another prospective member, Jum, who had contacted Snicka, also came to our meeting. Jum, a young shaman, explained that he and his brother Zinza were orphans. They were found near the jungle troll lands. Jum explained that he has lost contact with his brother, who he last saw a long time ago in the Temple of the Spirits on Yojamba Isle (which Jum called "Yoyam jajo" - the isle in the jungle).

Unfortunately our discussions with Jum were interrupted by the arrival of two tauren. The first was Liontooth of the Greywolf Tribe. The second, Chabat informed us, was the healer who had attended to her injuries in Thunder Bluff. Since the meeting was so busy, Liontooth agreed to wait below for a while. (However, it seems that he could not wait until the end of our meeting, and so he left without us finding out what he wanted.)

The healer introduced himself as Dardaliek, calling himself 'a healer of maladies that magic cannot cure'. He came to find out why we were so suspicious of his motives. I explained that our guild is naturally protective of any of our members and that neither Chabat nor the Greywolves she had spoken to knew much about him. Dardaliek insisted that his intention is only to give what help he can. He informed us that he had not been able to heal Chabat's injuries and that, more worrying still, they seemed to be immune to magic.

It was agreed that Dardaliek will continue trying to help Chabat, as long as she wishes him to. I will make renewed efforts to track down 'Emmy', the female Forsaken who assisted the Forsaken mage Tivak, in the hope that she may be able to tell us more about what happened to Chabat whilst she was in captivity.

After Dardaliek left the meeting, Djinja mentioned that his cousin also wanted to join our guild. So, to avoid having to hold too many separate oath-sayings, Djinja went to fetch him.

I formally announced that our new Guild Treasurer is Ryleen. Warlord Snicka has given permission for her to take on this role to re-organise and maintain our guild bank. As well as bringing a fresh approach to the guild bank account, this change will leave me more time to concentrate on my duties as Primal and Snicka's deputy when he is away.

(After the meeting, we learned that the orc bankers in Orgrimmar, cautious and stubborn as ever, will not allow Ryleen, or anyone else except our Guildmaster, to have the access required to make the changes to the guild bank that Ryleen has planned. We will have to wait until Snicka returns in order to carry out this work.)

Djinja's cousin arrived at the meeting. He introduced himself as Skeen, an experienced hunter. Since Djinja had already recommended that he be allowed to join, there was no need for further discussion. Jum and Skeen then both spoke the guild oath and joined our guild as whelps. We welcomed all three of our new members and hope that they will quickly prove themselves worthy of rising through the ranks.

Gul'zayne asked what plans we had to visit Kara'asan. Several of our members have already been there with members of the Greywolf Tribe and others. It was agreed to meet at the eighth hour of the evening on third-day this week (two days after the meeting) to see if we can form a strong enough group to venture into the Tower. Gul'zayne and Stargaazer said that they intend to come along. All others are welcome. If we cannot make a strong enough group, a new date will be set to try again.

Since it has been many moons since our High Priestess Kemsha has attended one of our guild meetings, I introduced her to the many new members of the guild. For any that do not know, Kemsha has been a member of the guild even longer than me and is probably the most senior guild member, except of course for Warlord Snicka. We hope that Kemsha will be able to visit us more often to give us the benefit of her wisdom.

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