Guild meeting on 4th August

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Guild meeting on 4th August

Post  Zanick on Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:24 pm

At the meeting were Jimar, Chabat, Stargaazer, Deras, Gul'zayne and myself.

I explained that Warlord Snicka was unable to come to the meeting because he is on Yojamba Isle. He is there to have discussions with the Zandalari trolls about the recent problems with the House of Sylvanas and the prospect of inter-guild wars within the Horde.

I announced that the letter Snicka had sent me recommended several promotions. One of these is Jimar, who as a Whelp has now proven himself worthy of the rank of Hexer. Jimar was not convinced that he wanted the promotion. But it was agreed that promotions should take place when the Warlord and more members of the guild are in attendance. Until then, Jimar agreed to think about it.

At this point, the meeting was interrupted by the appearance of Shadowtroll. He wanted to speak to me privately, concerned that our guild still harboured ill will towards him as a result of previous events surrounding the ill-fated Barzovia. Whilst I continue to be suspicious of Shadowtroll's intentions, I was able to assure him that, at present, our guild does not seek to take any hostile action against him.

Once the meeting resumed, I announced that Warlord Snicka has agreed that Ryleen will be our new Guild Treasurer. Once she has been informed of this appointment, which she volunteered for, she will be in charge of the guild bank, which is in need of reorganisation.

Chabat took the opportunity to thank Jimar and Vypra especially for helping her to recover from her distressing ordeal at the hands of the evil Forsaken mage Tivak a few weeks a go. She also mentioned that the tauren in Thunder Bluff had been helpful too. Something that Chabat said made many of us feel uneasy, however. It seems that a tauren with a name like 'Dardalek' offered to help heal the sores on Chabat's back. Something about his actions provoked our suspicions and we were also concerned that Chabat's natural troll regeneration has not fully healed these injuries after so many days. We advised Chabat not to accept medical assistance from any tauren unless they are one of the Greywolves and she knows them. Meanwhile I will try to find out what I can about this 'Dardalek'.

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