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Post  Jum on Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:31 pm

Ah be da Jum, ah speak gut urk...
Ah be told dat yus have big mojo, yus find mah brudda Zinza?

or out of character ( and more legible )
Character name*:Jum
Character race*: Troll
Character class*: Shaman
Character level*: 19 ( for the time being anyway )
Professions: Gathering
Why do you want to join us?*:Of the various role playing guilds I've reviewed this appears the most suited
How often do you play WoW?: Varies of late - usually a few hours a day, but there may be days where I wont be playing
Roleplaying experience: About 15 years of pen & paper rp and playing on Earthen ring from launch till Defias Brotherhood opened ( the first rp-pvp server ) where I played till recently when the guild mostly dried out after age of conan was released.
Character history:
Jum and his brother Zinza have been on their own for as long as Jum can remember ( which granted isn't all that long ). The smarter of the two Zinza has always taken care of Jum and when necessary told him exactly what to do - such as starting shaman training, putting pants on, washing off the fish stench, etc. So it's easy to imagine just how devastating it is to him that he and his brother has become separated, having scoured large parts of the world in vain he resolved to seek out wise trolls with stronger mojo to tell him what has befallen Zinza.

Jum is not very smart, in a battle of wits with a damn towel he would in all likelihood loose - this combined with the fact that Zinza usually did all the talking to strangers means Jum has a very heavy accent when speaking orc and will often mispronunciate words or simply make words up to cover his lacking vocabulary.

Although often mistaken for being evil he really isn't he is just vindictive and cruel - and as I pointed out before not altogether too bright, which is a volatile combination.


The player who plays Zinza will return sometime in the near future, but is currently taking a break - till then I will level Jum quite slowly ( or not at all ) to make it easier for him to catch up ( so don't expect to see me in outlands any time soon Wink )

I'm a bit of a slow typer and have an annoying habit of always putting t & h in the wrong order when ever they appear in the middle or end of a word - but other than that I consider my self fluent in English.

oh and I'm 30 - hope you don't mind and old fart in the guild Wink

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Post  Zanick on Wed Aug 06, 2008 8:11 pm

*cough* Thirty is not old, trust me.

I look forward to meeting you in game, Jum. Come along to our regular meeting in Sen'jin Village at 20:00 (server time) every Monday, or contact myself or any other member in the game.

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