Guild meeting on 28th July

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Guild meeting on 28th July

Post  Zanick on Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:46 pm

The meeting was attended by: myself, Jimar, Tatlai, Chabat, Ryleen, Gando, Stargaazer, Rezip (& later Nenya)

With Warlord Snicka away, I was in charge of leading the meeting. Here is my summary of what was discussed.

First of all, Ryleen told us what had happened in the previous week regarding our enemy, Tivak.

Part One - Liontooth's Capture
After last week's guild meeting, Nenya, following Snicka's request, went to the Undercity to speak to members of the House of Sylvanas about Tivak. Whilst there, she overheard some members of the House saying that they had captured Liontooth (a druid of the Greywolf Tribe). Using the Spirit Talk, Nenya informed Ryleen and Gando who immediately travelled to Thunder Bluff to warn the Greywolves.

Gellion, Chowlawu and several others were in Thunder Bluff at the time. Ryleen created a portal and the group travelled to the Undercity in order to free Liontooth. When they confronted Liontooth's captors they discovered what had happened. Apparently Liontooth went looking for Tivak and he attacked a member of the House. Ryleen did her best to keep everyone calm and eventually it was agreed that Liontooth would be released on the promise that he would return for a fair trial.

During the confrontation, the quick-thinking Nenya was able to capture (or create?) a shard that holds a piece of Tivak's soul. Ryleen informed us that, prior to these events, Tivak had used Ryleen and Nenya to capture shards of the souls of Liontooth and Chowlawu, that Tivak then stole.

On learning this, Jimar was eager to use Tivak's soul shard straight away to attack him in revenge for his mistreatment of Chabat. But caution prevailed. Ryleen will hold Tivak's soul shard in safe-keeping for now. She intends to use it to bargain with Tivak to get back Liontooth's and Chowlawu's shards and so set things right.

As a result of these events, Ryleen, Gando and Deyyania have now moved to Thunder Bluff because Garadar may no longer be safe from members of the House.

Part Two - Ryleen in Danger
Some time later, Ryleen arrived in Shattrath City and stumbled upon Archnazg Magnark (now the Dark Lord of the House of Sylvanas), Kadris (a Sin'dorei paladin from the House) and some other Forsaken in conversation. Unnoticed, Ryleen was able to find a safe place from which to overhear their discussion. She then realised that someone else was sharing her hiding place: Barkalk, a tauren druid of the Ashen Order was also eaves-dropping on the Forsaken. When Ryleen spoke to Barkalk she learned that, even though the Ashen Order and the House of Sylvanas are allies, Barkalk does not trust them.

When Archnazg and his companions portalled back to the Undercity, Ryleen and Barkalk followed shortly after. At Barkalk's request, the pair stopped at the bank and at that moment Tivak passed by and recognised Ryleen. When they spoke, Ryleen offered to trade Tivak's soul shard for the soul shards of Liontooth and Chowlawu, but Tivak claimed to have no interest in regaining his shard.

Tivak then demanded that the House of Sylvanas arrest Ryleen. To avoid escalating the situation, Ryleen agreed to be arrested, trusting that she would be able to portal out of the city if things got worse. Unfortunately Ryleen was shackled, preventing her from casting spells. In a cell in the apothecarium, Ryleen was questioned, threatened and her belongings were searched.

Meanwhile Barkalk went to get help from the Ashen Order. Soon enough, he returned with one of his fellow guild members, Velas, a Forsaken fire mage. They convinced Kadris to let Ryleen be taken away by the Ashen Order until a fair trial could be arranged. During this time Ryleen learned that the Ashen Order are upset and increasingly concerned about the House of Sylvanas' recent behaviour.

Part Three - The Trial
The trial was held in Orgrimmar only a few hours later. Halfway through the proceedings, Archnazg burst in with several others from his guild. He declared that the trial was rigged and he demanded that all members of the House of Sylvanas leave immediately. The guild officers of the Ashen Order, who were presiding at the trial, warned Archnazg that if they left, then all accusations against Ryleen (and Liontooth too?) would be dropped by default. But Archnazg and his guild-mates left anyway. So Ryleen was able to walk free.

Part Four - The Repercussions
The Greywolf Tribe is now on the verge of open war with the House of Sylvanas. If this happens, our guild, which is a long-time ally of the Greywolves, must decide how to respond. Rezip, for one, stated that he would fight alongside the Greywolves. Likewise, I do not see how we could stand by if our allies were to fight with the House, and several others agreed. Jimar, however, was strong in his condemnation of any thought of going to war.

Ryleen mentioned a possibly vital piece of information: Kadris, the Sin'dorei paladin, said that the House of Sylvanas only protects Tivak whilst he is in their lands. She said that, if someone were to capture Tivak in Kalimdor, the House will not defend him. Similarly, the House will not capture any of our guild in Kalimdor. So it seems that this may develop into a 'turf war', with each side safe only in their own domain.

We discussed the possibility of luring Tivak to Kalimdor in order to capture him. Jimar offered to be the bait, since Tivak is openly hostile to Jimar. But the escalation of distrust and hostility between the House of Sylvanas on one side and ourselves and the Greywolves on the other, with the Ashen Order perhaps somewhere in between, threatens to overtake even our hatred for the villainous Tivak.

Even though Jimar strongly disagreed with fighting, and Rezip strongly disagreed with any delay in organising an armed response, an agreement on what to do next was eventually reached. The members of our guild will take no provocative action (and this includes going to the Undercity) until we have spoken to the elders of the Greywolf Tribe. (Such critical discussions will need to involve our Warlord, who will not return until fifth-day this week, so nothing will be resolved in this matter until then.)

Only after we have agreed a strategy with the Greywolves will any member of the Heritage of Zandalar take any action against the House of Sylvanas.

Other matters:

Ryleen reported that Deyyania is much the same as before. I suggested that Deyy's new rank within our guild should be 'Companion', but no-one had any interest in discussing this.

We were then informed about Jimar's sick patient. He told us that he was attending to a very sick troll who cannot speak or walk and Jimar can tell us nothing about his ancestry or background. Jimar expects him to die soon and, without friends or family, he will die alone. Stargaazer was the first to offer to be with this troll at the end. It was agreed that Jimar will contact us all when this poor troll is about to die and any of us that can will endeavour to be with him to ease the passing of his spirit into the next world. We will organise whatever funeral rites seem appropriate.

We then discussed Tatlai's problems with the Spirit Talk. He finds it difficult to focus and is not sure that his words actually reach the rest of us. Sometimes he cannot hear the others that are using the Spirit Talk, or their words reach him either too loud or too soft. These problems are the same whether the others are far or near.

It may be difficult for Tatlai because he knows no Zandali (as you may recall, he was not raised by trolls). Ryleen suggested that Gando could teach Tatlai to speak Zandali, as he had previously taught Stargaazer. But this may not be the whole of the problem, since Tatlai has difficulty even when we use the Spirit Talk to communicate in orcish. Although Deyyania had problems with the Spirit Talk in the past, Nenya seems to be able to use it with no problems, using orcish, since she too understands no Zandali. This matter will need further investigation, it seems.

Jimar stated that he wishes to speak to Snicka and he questioned why all of our guild meetings are held in Sen'jin Village. Although it is a quiet location, and provides a familiar environment for most of us, Jimar pointed out that it is not particularly convenient for travelling to. Jimar will discuss other more suitable locations with Snicka, who is due to return in four days time, on fifth-day this week.

Finally, Stargaazer, who has attended several of our guild meetings and has been taking an increasingly active part in guild affairs, asked to speak. She explained that she too was not raised by trolls (she was brought up amongst the tauren) and she wants to learn more about troll ways. She requested that she be allowed to join our guild and, with no-one objecting, I decided that she would be a valuable addition to our ranks.

Stargaazer then repeated the guild oath, in near perfect Zandali too, thanks to the tutoring she had from Gando. She is now a whelp of the Heritage of Zandalar. All of us congratulated her on joining and we are confident that she will bring honour to our guild.

Primal of the Guild

PS Ryleen and Nenya, if I have made any mistakes in describing events, please let me know.

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