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Katzu Heartborne

Post  Barzovia on Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:02 pm

The first part of Katzu Heartborne's story - a character I planned on playing for a while but I figured that playing another evil character wasn't in my best interest, you can say about two lines then everyone is against you and you have to roleplay with yourself, well if you play an actual evil character. Sorry for all spelling/grammar errors, I'm just really bad at it. I'll post the next part of the story after I'm done with it... (I'm kind of posting it because it will tell a tale about the "trolls vs. elves dispute" from an elf's' eyes - you will understand parts of his soon-to-come hatred against trolls from this 'chapter') It's no pretty tale. Neutral

Katzu Heartborne

Katzu was born as a normal kid; he was a rather short boy, with light brown hair. His two parents worked mostly on their farm, but his dad was also a high ranked officer in the Militia. And then there was Katzu’s sister, she had long, blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile on her face.
The then war came to Katzu’s and his families’ village, the parents sent him and his sister away to study in Silvermoon City.
They were ‘adopted’ by the headmaster of the Silvermoon library, a very tall Blood Elf, dressed in a long red robe with golden decorations on it. His hair was white and very long, down to his knees, he wore it in a small ponytail, a big gray and white beard covered his face, it was in a pigtail. The headmaster was often very caring for both Katzu and his sister, even if Katzu early noticed that he was a bit too interested in his sister. Without further notice Katzu continued his studies.
Years passed and Katzu's sister often disappeared. Katzu was worried, but the library headmaster had told him not to run looking for her during the “reading hours”, as she probably was in the library; running around would only disturb other readers. Katzu did as the headmaster had said, he stopped worrying. Katzu read the libraries books all the time; it was the books about arcane powers that attracted him a lot. The Arcane arts fascinated Katzu, it held so much power and still it was so easy to gain control of. But after a while he had read all the books he could find, he was a fast reader, but there wasn’t so many books in the public area after all, so it wasn’t that weird. Katzu quickly complained about it to the library headmaster, but he didn’t believe him. Time passed and the library headmaster quickly noticed that Katzu had actually read all books in the area, not even he had done that. So after a while Katzu was granted access to the private area of the library, the walls in the private library seemed endless, filled with all kinds of books; the only thing splitting the endless halls was a medium sized gate, made of lead, it was called the Signum gate, only master magisters where granted access to go through it. Katzu was excited; he had never seen such a big room before. He started reading right away; he spent the nights in the library, reading and reading. He never got bored nor fed up.

A year passed, and Katzu had explored one sixth of the private library, most books were made-up stories about young couples in the vicinity of Silvermoon, nothing that really interested Katzu, but he wanted to cover the whole library. After a while he ended up in the arcane and magic area; as a man that got his first meal after a month of starvation Katzu jumped on the books, he didn’t stop to eat or drink, he only slept when he was too tired to keep his eyelids up. After a while he discovered that there were other arts than the arcane one. He quickly learnt about Nature, Holy and Ice but the one he liked most was the Fire, so chaotic, but still so exciting, powerful and destructive. Those where called the “Divine Magic”. Fire magic became a big interest of his, and after a while he could command the fire that he loved so much, even if his fingers got burnt all the time after experimenting with the new-gained powers. As he had covered almost half of the library, the only obstacle for his continued studies were the Signum gate, the curiosity took over his mind; “What can be so secret about the area behind the gates? It’s just a library.” He thought as he opened the gates. The lock was not complicated, a short fire inside of the lock mechanism and it opened. The word ‘endless’ was a rather fitting word for the area before the Signum gate, but the area after it… Infinity was the only word Katzu could think of, he immediately started to walk around the place, and he knew that he could not spend too much time behind the gate. Someone might come looking for him and as the lock was forced open they would start looking behind the Signum gate, sooner or later. After a while of trekking he discovered an area that you could not see if you weren’t close enough to it. It was a small pillar in the middle of a big circle; the circle had a blue-green glowing edge to it. The pillar had an outer casing made of glass on the top. Inside was a book, not labelled, it was covered with dust that had rendered it gray, but underneath it was purple. As Katzu approached the glass casing he felt an energy he never had experienced before, it was as destructive and chaotic as fire, but darker. Slowly he put his hands on the casing, he pulled it against him but it didn’t move it had a magic lock on it, he felt the arcane energy flowing in his fingertips as he tried to pull it again. He closed his eyes, and with a force he broke the arcane energy of the casing, letting his own powers cover it. The glass melted in his hands as he let fires out of his fingertips. His heartbeat was like a drum as he took the book in his hands. With a gentle blow the dust vanished from the cover, still no sign of a label on it. He opened the book and the pages turned them self. The pages were blank, but Katzu could feel a presence in the book, a presence so great that it controlled him, but only for a second. In that second his hands where lit on fire, and he couldn’t stop it nor scream. The fire ran, like water onto the pages, making text appear. He tried to read it, as the flames carried on burning.

“The Gurubashi and Amani Troll empires had little love for one another, but rarely warred against each other. At the time, their greatest common enemy was a third empire - the civilization of Azj’Agir. The Aqir were intelligent insectoids who ruled the lands of the far west. These clever insectoids were greatly expansionistic and incredibly evil. The Aqir were obsessed with eradicating all non-insect life from the fields of Kalimdor.
The trolls fought them for many thousands of years, but never succeeded in winning a true victory over the Aqir. Eventually, due to the trolls' persistence, the Aqiri kingdom split in half as its citizens fled to separate colonies in the far northern and southern regions of the continent.
Two Aqiri city-states emerged - Azjol-Nerub in the northern wastes, and Ahn’Qiraj in the southern desert. Though the trolls suspected that there were other Aqiri colonies beneath Kalimdor, their existence was never verified. “

As he read the last word, the book closed and his hands stopped burning, they weren’t damaged at all. Katzu thought: “They look better then ever…” just as he stopped looking at his hands, the headmaster came around the corner, as he saw Katzu he raised an eyebrow, a confused face with a tint of suspicion covered his face.
- What are you doing here? The headmaster asked.
- I’m lost… Katzu answered.
- You’ve lived here for twelve years and you have never been ‘lost’ before Katzu. I’ve told you many times not to venture past the Signum gate, and still you’re here. If I wouldn’t have known you for such a long time, I would call this trespassing!
- I thought… Katzu were almost bursting out in tears, he wasn’t used to people screaming
at him.
- You do not think without my permission! The headmaster sighed, and then he continued.
- I will have to talk with you tomorrow, meet me in my office around noon. The headmaster
turned away, after a few seconds he looked back again. Katzu slightly looked back too as he saw that the headmaster looked at the pillar where the casing had been.
- Have you tried to open that, Katzu? The headmaster asked. Katzu couldn’t believe his
eyes, there the casing were, whole, with the book lying in the position he had found it, covered in dust.
- No… No I have not headmaster. Katzu had never lied before; it was a mixture of
feelings, he felt empowered but at the same time disgusted of himself.
- Good, now remember to meet me tomorrow in my office. Yhe headmaster frowned.
Katzu nodded. As fast as the headmaster came, he was gone. Katzu was relived that he made it out without any trouble but anxious about the meeting the next day. As he walked out from the library, through the Signum gate with his head down, looking at the hand painted floor he ran into someone; though as he looked up there was no one to be seen. He peered around; no one was supposed to walk around in the library at this time of the day, not that it was forbidden; people just had better things to do. He looked back and forth but no one was there. With a bang the gates closed behind him. The always watching Fel Energy Stones in Silvermoon seemed to stare at Katzu, as he walked out from the library down to the courtyard; even if they always starred he had never felt as unpleasant and unwanted as now.

Katzu was just about to open the door to his house as he looked around, once more if there where anyone following him. Suddenly something slammed him in the face, this time it had been the door to his house. Out came his sister, her clothes had been ripped apart and she had bruises around her waist and hips. Katzu couldn’t help to glare; he had never seen his sister like that before, like she was in shock. She just ran away without a word without even looking at Katzu.
Katzu yelled after her, but she was long gone. He turned his attention to his house instead, carefully he snuck inside. As he entered the hallway he heard noise from the dinner room, when he entered the room the headmaster was sitting in one of the chairs, he looked at Katzu with a very surprised look.
- What are you doing here headmaster? Was the only good thing that Katzu could squeeze
- I was about to ask the same. He responded.
- What do you mean? This is my house! Katzu couldn’t help to scream, he felt an anger
inside of him, uncontrolled anger.
- I think you’re mistaking yourself Katzu, as a matter of fact, this is my house. Said the
headmaster with sly eyes. Katzu looked around, the headmaster was right it wasn’t Katzus’ house; How could I have mistaken his own house with the headmasters?! The anger controlled him; the past has to remain in the past. Instead he continued.
- What have you done to my sister?! Katzu spoke with a voice that he did not recognize,
neither did the headmaster. It had turned deep and a bit faster.
- I have done nothing, she comes to me and I give her what she wants.
- You rape her? Katzu just stood still with a neutral expression on his face.
- As I said Katzu, she wants it, so I wouldn’t call it rape. A smug smile ran across the
headmasters face. Without thinking, Katzu grabbed a knife from the table and rushed again the headmaster. The headmaster didn’t look surprised, it seemed like he was prepared on it. As Katzu was about to strike the headmaster vanished all that was left was a small blue wisp-formed glow. Katzu didn’t have time to think, he ran outside. Once again his heart was like a drum, it beat so fast so Katzu wanted to lie down and roll around in pain; instead he continued. He knew where he was going, “the palace, the palace” echoed in his mind as he ran past the big fountain on the palace courtyard. He ran up the stairs, faster, faster. He knew what lied close to the top, that room, the office of the headmaster.

He didn’t have time to stop, faster, faster. The door was locked. It has never stopped you before. He entered a kind of battle stance, his legs wide spread, with his left foot almost at the door and the right foot far back. With a hard punch the door broke in half, hanging in the lock on one side and the hinges on the other. Wild flames now covered the two door pieces; an incredible heat stroked Katzu’s face. Katzu jumped through the door, splinter flew everywhere. Katzu’s clothes turned into a wildfire, his skin was burning, and his eyes made of flames. The office looked like most other buildings in Silvermoon, but it contained a lot more windows; they where green tinted with gold decor. In between each window there were small red walls that were half circle formed, with the circle form pointing outwards. The wall that had the, now in ashes, door was red with gold dragonhawk statues coming out of the walls. In the middle of the room was a desk made of a black kind of wood. Katzu didn’t have time to act; the headmaster had hit him with an ice lance in the right side, just under the ribs. Katzu flew like a rag doll into one of the dragonhawk statues; it didn’t hurt it only made him angrier. He got on his feet; he felt the same feeling as the second he opened the book in the library. The flames that were burning on his body turned dark, after just a second they were purple. The headmaster frowned. Katzu moved his hand; Katzu heard a crack as the headmaster slammed into the desk. The voice he had spoken with earlier came back.
- You have a broken clavicle, pelvis and scapula old man.
The headmaster didn’t answer, he just watched Katzu walking around the desk, further and further away from him. Katzu looked at the old fool as he lied on the desk, helpless. Once again he raised his hand in the air, making the desk, together with the headmaster, turn towards him. The hole that was the only thing left of the door could be seen on the other side of the room. A memory of Katzu punching through the door flashed in the headmasters mind.
The old man will have to die for his sins. Katzu looked at his hands, in the right hand palm a purple ball had been formed, he quickly saw that it took the form of a human cranium.
- Do it coward, you’re just killing one Blood Elf, there are many more to take my place.
- I’m not killing one Blood Elf fool; I’m killing the Sin’dorei.
Katzu’s fingers were pointing towards the headmaster, as a lingering shadow the cranium launched from his hand towards the headmaster. Just as the flying, purple, cranium was about to hit the dying headmaster the cranium was reflected, now going towards Katzu; three times the speed that it had been thrown from Katzu.
The green tinted glass shattered into thousands of pieces as Katzu went through it, from one of the top floors of the palace he fell, Silvermoon was underneath his back. The wind extinguished the purple flames. Katzu’s eyelids where closed, he could not have seen right, it had to be the headmaster! His bones were broken, he couldn’t hurt a fly! Your sister was on the doorstep, she deflected the bolt; not the old fool! Katzu denied what he had seen, his own sister. He was denying it until his back smashed against the pavement in the courtyard of the Silvermoon palace, like a bolt of thunder he leaved a scar on the ground, cobble flew all over, in the fountain, on the buildings – on people. A woman screamed as she covered her sons’ eyes. Everything turned black.

Meh I gave it a chance anyway. I've stolen so many quotes from here and t here so the story can hardly be called mine. Rolling Eyes
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Re: Katzu Heartborne

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Barzovia wrote:I'm just a annoying idiot that tries to be useful.


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