Guild meeting on 21st July

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Guild meeting on 21st July

Post  Zanick on Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:54 pm

Another good meeting. In attendance were (in no particular order) Chabat, Tatlai, Ryleen. Nenya, Snicka, Gando, Rezip and myself.

There were just three topics. Here is a quick summary of what happened:

It was agreed that, since Deyyania has shown no sign of recovery in the last two weeks, she will no longer be burdened with the task of being our Sindorei Emissary. Snicka therefore changed her rank within our guild. She is temporarily a Pet, but a more appropriate title will be chosen for Deyy's role in the guild (several were suggested, such as 'adoptee' or 'ward'). A new blood elf emissary will be recruited, although we will not hurry to fill this role, just in case Deyy starts to improve. We also need to keep looking for a suitable orc emissary. It was agreed that the upcoming Horde 'jamboree', now less than four weeks away, may give us a good opportunity to speak to potential candidates for these two positions.

Later in the meeting Rezip suggested that troll healing may not be as effective for a blood elf. He knows an elven healer who may be able to help Deyy. It was agreed that Rezip would introduce this healer to Ryleen, who continues to look after Deyy.

Snicka told us about Chabat's kidnapping during the week before last. (No-one at last week's guild meeting knew about this!) It seems that she was captured by a Forsaken mage named Tivak. It was Tivak that poisoned the wine at the Broken Keel some weeks ago and caused the death of a young troll. It was reported that he had also kidnapped one of the Greywolves in the past.

Chabat was clearly still shaken by the events and was not able to talk freely about what happened to her. She thinks that Tivak may try to capture Jimar too. According to the Goblin Gazette he has also threatened Chowlawu and Liontooth. Tivak is now a member of the House of Sylvanas. Tivak has threatened to turn the House against Chowlawu if he does anything to oppose him.

Ryleen wisely has been keeping Chabat safe in Shattrath City. Snicka asked our Nenya, in her role as Forsaken emissary, to contact the House of Sylvanas to warn them that Tivak is dangerous. If Snicka cannot contact Deras, he will also speak to the Greywolf Tribe himself, to affirm our shared determination to defeat Tivak. Tivak seems to be making enemies of many guilds: ourselves, the Greywolf Tribe and the Extreme Angling Club are now all set against him. (His name will be added to our guild's Red List.) Snicka also decided to speak to the authorites in Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff to urge them to apprehend Tivak.

Tivak has an assistant, a female undead called 'Emmy', who helped Chabat to escape. Emmy, it seems, has no liking for Tivak and it is most likely that Tivak has threatened Emmy or else has some sort of power over her. Zanick agreed to ask amongst her contacts to find out more about Emmy.

Finally, Snicka announced Chabat's promotion. Chabat has now proved herself within the guild and so she was promoted from Whelp to Hexer. All present joined in congratulating Chabat. After a brief celebration, Ryleen conjured a portal to allow Chabat to safely travel back to Shattrath.

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