Flyer for the 1st Horde Jamboree

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Flyer for the 1st Horde Jamboree Empty Flyer for the 1st Horde Jamboree

Post  Vypra on Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:35 am

The Horde Jamboree is an event that will be held every 2 months. Basicly its a meeting and feast between all horde rp will be held the 16th of august and will be a big festival where there we can do many things.

It will be much like the kosh'harg (see: ) of the orcs of dreanor. This is a large event with many playes and it will take about 3+ hours. It will always be on the same location and always every around 2 months (this can be different, depends on what day most people can come).

-the first event will be held saturday 16 augsust 19:00
-IC ratchet wont be as near as it is OOC (no city is near).its just that its near because there were no other spots as good as this one.
-it will be a meeting between the guilds and a festival.
-it will always be the same place,its a big place with only hostile creatures in the river(lvl 10 croco's).
-you aren't forced to participate in any of the events, you can always just sit around and chat and relax with freinds.
-if everyone is partied out and the meeting event is done we can always make some new things


19:00 everyone arives(earlyer is good too)
19:05 Market (crafted items &enchants) and Guild recruitment - choose a location and prepare.
19:10 the market and recruiting events start
19:40 the market and recruiting ends
19:40 the fishing ,ball games,hunting and dueling events start
20:10 the ball games,fishing,dueling and hunting events end
20:10 all food from the fishing and hunting gets colected and cooked
20:15 when all the food is cooked and ready everyone will be called together for dinner
20:30 the party and story telling event will start
21:00 all the important people (Guild leaders or Elected representatives) will be gathered for the meeting event.

If you have any further suggestions or queries plaese contact Munechi(only in august), Vypra or Snicka in game or post here:

Please note, at the time of posting, we still need event co-ordinators for the ball games, hunting, party, cooking and duelling!

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