Guild meeting 30th June

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Guild meeting 30th June

Post  Snicka on Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:41 pm

Although last week I asked Zanick to continue writing summaries for these meetings, I'll use this opportunity to do it before her. (But if I was inaccurate in something, you can correct it.)

The guild meeting was attended by me, Zanick, Gando, Ryleen, Chabat and Deyyania. She brought her undead friend, Nénya along with her. Nénya was interested in applying for the position of the emissary of the Forsaken. She was interested what this job involves, so I explained it to her in a few words. Also, Deyyania and Ryleen briefly explained to her what our guild stands for. She told us in a few words why would she be appropriate for this job. Since nobody objected on her joining us, I took her word to be loyal to us and do her job well.
After this, I thanked everyone for coming on the Blazing Trail two nights ago, honoring the flames of Kalimdor.
Then I read aloud the invitation I got from Illidan Stormrage's emissary. (Read the full text of the invitation in the Servants of Illidan post in the Friends an' enemies section.) Since we found it strange that Illidan is seeking alliance with the Horde, and suspected a trap, we decided to visit the meeting in great numbers and fully armed. The meeting was the very same night, in Fairbreeze Village, an hour after our meeting ended (22:00); we decided to meet in front of Silvermoon City fifteen minutes before the meeting.
Then, finally, I asked Deyy in what stage are our plans in assaulting the tower of Kara'zhan. It's likely that we won't be able to attack the tower on or own, so we might need to ask for help from the friendly guilds and individuals, including the Greywolf Tribe.
After the meeting has ended, we met each other once again, in Silvermoon City, to attend the meeting with Illidan's emissary.

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