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[rp event] The Blazing trail Empty [rp event] The Blazing trail

Post  Vypra on Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:48 pm

The following poster appears in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff, Silvermoon and Shattrath:

The Blazing Trail

A midsummer night's venture

- As part of this year's celebration, the guilds of the Horde will make the journey to visit all the sacred fires of Kalimdor.

- Recieve the blessings of the festival and partake of the seasonal offerings.

- As the journey reaches its, end dance around the ribbon poles and party 'til the dawn!

Start: Razor Hill, 20.00 (server time), Saturday 28th June
Finish: Orgrimmar (when we get there)

(( We will be meeting up in Sen'jin village at about 19.50 ST, and hopefully finishing in Orgrimmar at about 22.30 for a nice party near the festival fire. You can join at any time and only need to stay with the group for as long as you like. The route will be posted to those that need to know Wink The alliance will know of this event and (probably) try to disrupt it! - you have been warned Twisted Evil ))

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