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Midsummer festival trail Empty Midsummer festival trail

Post  Vypra on Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:19 pm

Heres the latest about the planned walk to visist all the horde festival fires in Kalimdor:


below is the 'poster' i plan to send to all the rp guilds and put on the SSL forum:

The Blazing Trail

A midsummer night's venture

- As part of this year's celebration, the guilds of the Horde will make the journey to visit all the sacred fires of Kalimdor.

- Recieve the blessings of the festival and partake of the seasonal offerings.

- As the journey reaches its, end dance around the ribbon poles and party 'til the dawn!

Start: 20.00 (server time) Saturday 28th June Sen'jin village
Finish: Orgrimmar

Still need to finalise our route (this will not be advertised where the alliance can see it IC'ly!) so any comments would be appreciated Smile

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