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Post  Zanick on Sat Oct 13, 2007 2:55 pm

This subject was mentioned at a recent guild meeting. Zanick's mother, who was a weaver and knew a lot about the symbolism of colours, taught her the folklore concerning the colour of a troll's hair.

Many trolls believe that the colour of a troll's hair reveals the true nature and strength of their personality. For Jungle Trolls the ten natural hair colours and their meanings are as follows:

Colour - Colour name - Personality - Strength

Dark grey - DU'MA - Honourable - Friendship
Light grey/silver - AR'JUNA - Charismatic - Sharing
Purple/magenta - VAN'DA - Creative - Working
Red/dark red - ZIN'ABAR - Faithful - Communication
Orange/red - AG'NAR - Able to learn - Kinship, Loyalty
Orange/yellow - AN'BAR - Loving - Overcoming challenges
Bright green - EM'ERAL - Wilful - Independence
Dark green - NEPHRIT - Knowledgeable - Self-discipline
Blue/green - A'ZUL - Intuitive - Teaching / Serving
Dark blue - NILA - Wise - Healing

The colour names all have meanings in Trollish -

Du'ma means smoke-coloured.
Ar'juna is the troll word for silver.
Van'da is the name of a delicate fragrant flower (red-purple in colour) that grows throughout the ancestral lands of the jungle trolls.
Zin'abar is a stone (coloured bright scarlet to brick-red) from which quicksilver is smelted.
Ag'nar is an old troll word for fire and is used for flame-coloured hair.
An'bar is the troll word for the hardened sap of trees that is used as a gemstone in jewellery.
Em'eral is the troll word for bright green (the green of new grass and young leaves). This word is sometimes also used for gemstones of this colour, for which the correct troll word is mar'akata.
Nephrit is a precious stone (coloured deep slightly bluish green) that is highly prized among trolls for carvings and for jewellery.
A'zul is the troll word for the blue-green colour of the sea.
Nila is the troll word for dark blue.

Most of the troll words for hair colours can be traced to the oldest forms of the troll language ('Zand-script') found written on ancient carvings.

I hope none of this conflicts with other troll lore. If it does, maybe Zanick has not remembered her mother's teaching correctly . . .

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