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Barzovia the Traitor

Post  Barzovia on Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:32 am

(( Far from done, but I thought I could post it, just for fun. The story is about Barzovia before, and after Hakkar. ))

"Were Hexx going to try finding Rezip first? She knew that he was hurt and couldn’t hide very well." Was one of the many things running thru Barzovias mind as he was hiding behind a rock on the small island just off Stanglethorns shores.

Not far from his hideout his sister and brother Rezip was arguing about the new rules of their little game, Hexx, as always, won – mostly because of her being older than Rezip and just being a little bit smarter then her two brothers. As their mother slightly laughed at their arguement, she continued with the cooking.

- Gan’zulah ya kno’ what yer doin’, I 'ope? Asked Nezzliok as Gan’zulah was about to board the small kayak.
- Of cours’ Nezzliok, you know that’ she could bring the tribes togheta’. She’s very powerful, and you, of all trolls, should kno’ that.
- Ai, I do mon. But still she have kids and the tribes won’t respect ye if ya let them live.
- I hav’ no plans on letting them live. Answered Gan’zulah with a frown on his face.

The kayak wasn’t big enough to carry anyone else then Gan’zulah, but it was a nice handicraft even if it looked hastily-done. The water was very calm, stroking the edge of the kayak as Gan’zulah row onto the small island. He knew that the troll already knew he was on his way. She could read the water, she could read every element – a powerful shaman indeed. Nezzliok had been surprised of her powers, as she read the water inside of his body – to tell his physics and his mental capabilities. Why she was hiding on the island was still unknown.

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